Health Impact in 5 Years

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HI-5 highlights non-clinical, community-wide interventions to improving population health with evidence of positive health impacts. Each intervention listed is associated with improved health within five years or less as well as reported cost effectiveness and/or cost savings over the lifetime of the population or earlier.

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Social Determinants of Health

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Hi-5: Health Impact in 5 Years
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Published on 10/26/2017
HI-5 Water Fluoridation
HI-5: Water Fluoridation
Resource - Policy Brief
HI-5 Access to Clean Syringes
HI-5: Access to Clean Syringes
Resource - Policy Brief
HI-5 Motorcycle Injury Prevention
HI-5: Motorcycle Injury Prevention
Resource - Policy Brief
HI-5 Clean Diesel Bus Fleets
Cleaner and Alternative Fuel Bus Fleets
Resource - Policy Brief
HI-5 Earned Income Tax Credits
HI-5: Earned Income Tax Credits
Resource - Policy Brief
HI-5 Home Improvement Loans and Grants
HI-5: Home Improvement Loans and Grants
Resource - Policy Brief
Webpage of HI-5: Tobacco Control Interventions
HI-5: Tobacco Control Interventions
Resource - Policy Brief
HI-5: Safe Routes to School website
HI-5: Safe Routes to School
Resource - Policy Brief
HI-5 Early Childhood Education
HI-5: Early Childhood Education
Resource - Policy Brief